(Above) “Tommy heading west” my 9 year old son who flees at the mention of work.

Potato King is a new online business that makes way for us, the farmers, to connect with you, the home spud grower. 

Who and Where:

Expert seed grower Andrew Bone grows our seed potato varieties on land located deep in the Otway Mountains at Kennedy’s Creek.   This area is simply brilliant for potato seed growing, deep loamy soils, cool climate, natural high rainfall and isolation; meaning the very best possible seed available with no chance of disease contamination from nearby potato crops.   

Here’s the promise.

  • We’ll sell our potatoes at the best price we can.
  • We’ll beat the others because this website involves just us, the farmers and you.  No middleman, no nursery and no corporations screwing us and taking the lions share. 
  • We know you want the best so of course Potato King distributes the very best Australian grown seed potatoes.