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We’ve selected the best all-rounder seed spuds for you… Crikey, these spuds rival Sir Ian Botham and Sir Garfield Sobers for all round talent. Planting starts NOW.

We’re breaking into the seed market with these beauties – GO FOR IT! 

pontiac Pontiac – ‘All-rounder’ eating spud
 28 potato tubers $10.10   SOLD OUT    + $15.85 POSTAGE
42 potato tubers $11.80SOLD OUT      + $17.35 POSTAGE
70 potato tubers $17.10  SOLD OUT+20.35 POSTAGE 

pink kiss

King Edward (pink kiss) Good all rounder and ideal for boiling, braises, salads  and stews
28 potato tubers $10.10       OUT OF STOCK + $15.85 POSTAGE
42 potato tubers $11.80      OUT OF STOCK + $17.35 POSTAGE
70 potato tubers $17.10      OUT OF STOCK  +20.35 POSTAGE

jolly red

Otway Reds Best for chips, wedges, baking, roasting and mashing
28 potato tubers $10.10       SOLD OUT+ $15.85 POSTAGE
42 potato tubers $11.80      SOLD OUT+ $17.35 POSTAGE
70 potato tubers $17.10  SOLD OUT+20.35 POSTAGE

white knight

White Delight (white knight) Best for boiling, braises, salads  and stews
28 potato tubers $10.10       SOLD OUT + $15.85 POSTAGE
42 potato tubers $11.80      SOLD OUT+ $17.35 POSTAGE
70 potato tubers $17.10  SOLD OUT  +20.35 POSTAGE


Desiree ‘Jolly Reds’ Boiled, baked mashed.
28 potato tubers $10.10       SOLD OUT+ $15.85 POSTAGE
42 potato tubers $11.80      SOLD OUT+ $17.35 POSTAGE
70 potato tubers $17.10      SOLD OUT+20.35 POSTAGE
Random Mixed box
Chips, baked and mashed
on the way soon
Holds its own – All uses
on the way soon
Royal Blue
Bats, bowls and keeps wicket, the true all rounder
on the way soon
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Potato King is wholly owned by hard working farmers


plant 28 tubers = harvest 40 kg!
plant 42 tubers = harvest 60 kg!
  plant 70 tubers = harvest 100kg!
How to Grow Potatoes (DIY)
  1. Buy Certified Seed Potatoes, store in cool dark place.
  2. Start: Put the seed potatoes in the open air to trigger growth of side shoots.
  3. Prepare soil with well rotted manure, straw or mulch. Loose soil is preferable to assist the plant to form nice round spuds.
  4. Plant tubers 30cm apart, 10-20cm deep on mounds.
  5. Fertilise with manure or dynamic lifter (pelletised chook poo)
  6. Water regularly but don’t waterlog
  7. When shoot growth breaks the surface of the ground cover with more loose soil
  8. When to harvest?  This depends on how big you want your spuds. You can check how your potatoes are going by digging under the plant and feeling around.  Small spuds with thin skins don’t last very long once pulled but they taste awesome just boiled up with a bit of butter on top…mmm. The longer you leave them the bigger the spuds will get, the harder the skins are and the longer they’ll last in storage.
  9. Harvest potatoes with a garden fork or shovel (you can steal a few spuds by handdigging under the plant, but do re-fill your burglar hole with loose soil, and give it a water afterwards. 
  10. Cover your harvest with hessian bags and store on wooden in pallets or wooden spud bins. Never store any vegetables using plastic as it causes sweating and other problems.
  11. Store in a dry cool dark place.
Trouble shooting:
Odd shaped potatoes cause: irregular watering, lumpy hard soil.
Small spuds: not enough water during dry periods
Green potatoes – potatoes left without cover of soil or straw. Warning: Do not eat green potatoes they can be poisonous

For further growing info https://www.igardenplanting.com/how-to-grow-potatoes/

Who we are?
Our seed potato varieties are grown deep in the Otway Mountain range (inland of the Great Ocean Road).   This area is simply brilliant for potato seed growing, deep loamy soils, cool climate, natural high rainfall and isolation; meaning you get the very best seed available with no chance of disease contamination from nearby potato growers.   We then store and distribute the potato seed as Potato King.
What’s the promise?
  • We’ll sell our potatoes at the same price as Bunnings, because it’s just us, the farmers and you. No middleman, nursery or corporation taking the lions share of the sale. 
  • Potato King will distribute the very best Australian grown seed potatoes.







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